Competition Rules

Competition rules MONTHLY COMPETITIONS :
  • This is our main, ongoing internal competition, held from October to March with a break in January.
  • Each of the five monthly competitions is judged by a different external judge.
  • There are two sections: Novice and Intermediate.
  • Entries are scored and a cumulative score is recorded so that overall winners can be identified at the end of the season.
Entries :

Each member can submit up to
  • 1 Digital Image - Digital files to be submitted as 8-bit JPEGs in sRGB colour space with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. Rotate portrait format images to upright. All images to be titled.
  • 1 Colour Print : Prints should not be less than A5 - 148.5 x 210mm and no larger than 510 x 400 cm including mount. They should be titled on the back of the mount.
  • 1 Monochrome Print.  Sizes and mount as above. aaaaaaaaaa
  • Digital images for the prints should also be included with the submission. 

Deadline Entries can be submitted by email to the competition secretary or on a memory stick at a club evening before or on the deadline indicated in the club programme (usually 2 weeks before the Competition Night).

Judging :

Our judges are independent experts who will give a score out of 20 for each entry and provide a brief critique of each image. Section The competition Secretary will advise members of which section they should enter (ie Novice or Intermediate)


An informal competition with each club viewing, commenting on and writing up their views and reactions. There is no scoring but smiley faces can be awarded to indicated which images were generally felt to be the best.  1 Digital image as above.


This competition is slightly more competitive, with an independent judge being engaged to score the entries with a trophy and wooden spoon being awarded to the winners and losers respectively.  1 Digital image as above.


There are 3 Assignments per year, which gives members the opportunity to enter digital images depicting their interpretation of selected subjects in competition with each other. Three themes are selected, at the start of each season, and may be a camera technique or general subject.

Entries :  1 digital image. Files to be submitted (preferably) as 8-bit JPEGs in sRGB colour space with a resolution of 1400 x 1050 pixels. Rotate portrait format images to upright. All images to be titled and to begin with a random two figure number of your choice. Deadline Each Assignment deadline will be shown on the club programme, generally 2 weeks before Assignment Night.

Judging :  At least two weeks before the deadline for submissions, each assignment will be introduced by a club member. This will ensure members are clear about the parameters of the assignment theme. The person who introduces the theme will also be the judge and on Assignment Night will give a brief critique of each image and select the 5 images which they consider are both technically good photographs and also illustrate the most apt interpretations of the theme. Judging is done anonymously.


Annual Competition :  An overall winner of the Assignment Competition will be selected by members on an evening towards the end of the season. A show of hands will first select a winner from each of the 5 sets of top images from each assignment. Then the 5 winners will be then go on to a final round of voting to select the overall winner. If there is a draw, at any stage, then the highest scoring images will be projected again, for members to vote, until a winner emerges.