March Monthly Comp Results

Aileen's blurred birches beats birds

There was a big entry for the last monthly competition of the 2017-18 season and a very wide range of subject matter. Judge Andy Hayes had a tough job comparing and evaluating but here are his winners:-

Novice Digital
1st Woody Woodpecker Mark Walker.
2nd High Jinks Jacquie Hood.

Advanced Digital.
1st Autumn Birches Aileen Scott.
2nd Long Tailed Tit Chris Briggs.
3dr Eagle With Attitude Bob Humphreys.

Prints B+W
Novice . 1st Racing Stripes Mark Walker,
2nd Model Maker Jacquie Hood.

Advanced, 1st The End Ron Southby.
2nd Old Quarry Andy Bolsover.
3rd Cloisters Robbie Gauld.

Colour Print
Novice. 1st Trio Of Gold Jacquie Hood.
2nd Long Tailed Tit Mark Walker.

Advanced. 1st Dance Of Death Aileen Scott.
2nd West End Girls Lynette Gray
3rd Liquid Lunch Robbie Gauld.