Al Buntin presents

Composite Composition

We had a welcome return to the club by Al Buntin, a photographer who produces compelling composite images that have been admired by members for some time. Al's approach is to build up a bank of potentially useful photographs that one day might contribute to one of his composite compositions. These images (you can see some on his website) combine figures and locations in artistic and/or surreal juxtapositions that create a new story or idea which is often humorous or poignant. The key to such compositions is imagination and whilst imagination is not something that can be taught Al was generous in showing the various tools and techniques he uses in Photoshop. In particular it was interesting to see how Al used textures and filters to pull together the different elements of his composites into a coherent whole that eventually looks like a single image. It was a nicely pitched presentation giving us enough detail to go away and try things out for ourselves. We may be seeing an increase in composites at the club over the coming months.
Literally a screen shot from as Al demonstrated use of Photoshop tools