Chris' Dunlin done well

Feb Internal Competition results

It was good to see a wide range of different images in this competition, and this variety was reflected in the winning entries as judged by Ian McCullach. Ian is a judge whose approach is to give a detailed response to both the technical and artistic aspects of photographs. Whilst this is fairly typical, what sets Ian apart is his ability to carefully articulate his assessment which then helps us to maximise the learning from his judgement. Top of the digital images was 'Dunlin' a beautifully taken wildlife shot by Chris Briggs and shown here. The other winning digitals can be seen in our competition gallery and all of the top images and their authors are listed below.

B+W Novice
1st Place 'The Lion King' Mark Walker score 19
2nd Place 'Old Street Light' Jaquie Hood score 18

Colour Novice
Joint First Place 'Upon Reflection' Jaquie Hood score 20, 'The Feathered Assassin' Mark Walker score 20

B+W Advanced.
1st Place 'Street Marks' Andy Bolsover, score 20.
Joint 2nd Place 'Caught in the Head Lights' Mary Parsons, 'Watching Over Them' Ron Southby, score 19
4th 'Howick Bathing House Northumberland' Aileen Scott, score 17.

Colour Advanced
1st Place 'Cosmic Cold' Andy Bolsover, score 20.
2nd 'Redshank' Chris Briggs, score18.
Triple 3rd 'Scarista Sand Pattern' Aileen Scott, score 17. 'The Love Letter' Mary Parsons score 17. 'Caught in the Wild' David Pickford score 17.

1st Place 'Contemplating At Loch Ness' Janine Blease,
2nd Place 'Pine Marten' Mark Walker,
3rd place 'Terminal 2 Helsinki' Jacquie Hood.

1st Place 'Dunlin' Chris Briggs,
2nd 'Red Squirrel' Bob Humphreys,
Triple 3rd 'All Eyes On The Puck' Dave Cutress, 'Blyth Old Pier' Aileen Scott, 'Snuggle In' David Pickford.
Dunlin by Chris Briggs