Learning form each other

My Photography

The club's My Photography inputs are an opportunity for a member to give a short presentation of images together with some insights into their approach to photography. Since this became part of our annual programme it has produced a great variety of instructive and illuminating presentations. There is no further guidance so that each member can interpret the brief as they see fit.

Our most recent session was no exception giving us three very different inputs.

Ron Southby shaped his presentation around a short holiday in Japan. He showed us how his approach of wandering around, avoiding tourist hotspots, looking for opportunities to engage with whoever and whatever he comes across, gives him lots of different photo opportunities. And, certainly the selection of images he showed seemed to give us a very interesting perspective on the people, communities and architecture of Japan.

Andy Bolsover chose to show us a selection of images from his three main photographic interests: abstract, landscape and still life. What is particularly fascinating is how these three very different genres meld into each other in Andy's mind and how this emerges his photographs. Whilst Ron's photo's were all realistic and close to 'as shot' Andy prefers to use the creative possibilities of photo-editing software to extend the message and feel of an image.

David Pickford specialises in making audio-visual slideshows. His presentation explained how this affects his outings with his camera, how the software works but most importantly how the ultimate objective is the impact his shows have on their audience. Rather than going out to get those one or two high impact high scoring images, David is aiming for a large number of sequential shots that will provide the raw material, together with a soundtrack and voice over to tell an interesting story.

Learning more about our members' personal approaches to photography facilitates discussion and opportunities for mutual learning between our members.
One of David Pickford's slides