David Hendry was the judge

January competition results

Our January competition was judged by Deeside Camera Club member David Hendry who he gave a well balanced critique of our latest efforts.

Digital images:

Best of the novices was 'Look into my eyes' by Mark Walker. 1st with 16. Followed by 'Tete a Tete' from Jaquie Hood 2nd with 15 points

In the Advanced section and overall winner; 'Golden Tree' by Aileen Scott 1st with 20, 'Kaboom' by John Fowler 2nd with 19, and 'Thistle Court Lights' Andy Bolsover 3rd with 18

The digital winners can be seen here

Print Winners are as follows,

Novice Black and White , only two entries 1st Place with 16 Compare The Pine Marten.Com Mark Walker .
2nd Place with 15 Reach For The Sky , Hood.

Novice Colour Print ;
1st Place with 17 From Dusk Till Dawn, Mark Walker.
2nd with 16 Waterfall, Jacqui Hood

Advanced Black and White
1st Place with 20 Home From The Shop, Robbie Gauld.
2nd Place with 19 “Glacier De Bossons “, John Fowler.
3rd Place with 18 The Street, Mary Parsons.

Advanced Colour.
1st Place with 20 Ascent, Andy Bolsover.
2ndPlace with 19 You What Alan Knox.
3rd Place with 18 Monymusk Belle, Dennis Scott.
Golden Tree by Aileen Scott