November Monthly Competition results

The winners in our November competition were:

Novice; 1st Winter Wonderland Mark Walker 20, 2nd Forth Road Bridge Chris Miara 19, 3rd Red Hind Darren Masson 18.

Advanced; 1st Jumping Jack Andy Bolsover 20, 2nd Sand pattern Aileen Scott 19, Joint 3rd Painters tea Break Ron Southby 18, Dawn On The Beach Brian Mercer 18.

Print winners
Novice B+W print 1st Fit You Looking At Mark Walker 20, 2nd Street Light Ally Chris Miara 19, 3rd Neglect Jaquie Hood 18.

Novice Colour Print: 1st Catch Of The Day Mark Walker 20, 2nd Together Forever Jaquie Hood 19, 3rd Bunny Rabbit Chris Miara 18.

Advanced B+W print 1st Home Sweet Home Alan Knox 20, 2nd Cry Of The Wild Bob Humphryes 19, Joint 3rd Amble Pier Aileen Scott 18, Hadze Hunter John Fowler 18.

Advanced Colour Print ; 1st Long Tailed Tit Chris Briggs 20, Joint 2nd When The Boat Comes In Lynette Gray 19, Poppies In A Field Of Yellow Daisies Mary Parsons 19, 3rd Writing On The Wall Robbie Gauld 18.
Jumping Jack by Andy Bolsover