October Monthly Competition

An excellent group of images came out top in our first internal monthly competition of the new season.

The results were:

Novice Digital 3rd Autumn Fruits Carol Collie 17. 2nd Hanging on Jen Rowland 18. 1st Takeaway Mark Walker 20.

Advanced Digital 3x3rd Young House Martin Ian Cameron 18. Where to now spot ? Aileen Scott 18. Bee-Eater Alan Masson 18. 2nd Bear Cub in cotton Grass Bob Humphreys 19. 1st Oystercatcher Chris Briggs 20.

Novice B+W 3rd Highland Forage Carol Collie 16 . 2nd Sands of time Jaquie Hood 18. 1st Short Eared Owl 20.

Novice Colour 3rd Autumn Three Carol Collie 17. 2nd Harvester Jaquie Hood 18. 1st Red Squirrel Mark Walker 20.

Advanced B+W 2nd Pals together Dennis Scott 19. 1st Bandstand-Duthie Park Mary Parsons 20.

Advanced Colour joint third Oldonyo Lengai john fowler 18. Tulips in a glass vase Mary Parsons 18. 2nd Wolf At Boreal Lake Bob Humphreys 19. 1st Trees in the Sand Aileen Scott 20.
Where to now Spot? by Aileen Scott