Not our most successful evening but not all bad

Sigma Sinks

Bob was hoping that having secured a replacement DVD from Sigma his reputation as our leader and organiser would be rescued but he didn't reckon on a catalogue of mishaps... first the laptop wouldn't speak to the projector, at least not until it had been spoken nicely to by Robbie and Dennis for half an hour, then the sound was so poor you had to be sitting next to the laptop to hear anything (and it didn't make for a good silent movie) unless the heating was on when no one could hear it, still we soldiered on until half way through when it stopped playing, until it had had another talking to. So what more do we know about Sigma lenses? - precious little. Still we then moved on to view the club entry to the Grampian Eye inter club competition which was a much more uplifting experience and hopefully the judge will think so too. And then tea and chat which always makes for a good conclusion to any evening... and adversity is always good for bringing a group together! Well done Bob :)